Hays Land & Cattle is proud to be honored by the American Simmental Association as a Performance Advocate.  This distinction is for those breeders who turn in birth weights, calving ease scores, weaning weights, yearling weights, hip heights, and ultrasound data for their complete calf crop.  Many breeders claim to be performance breeders.  Hays Land & Cattle backs that claim up with being a Performance Advocate.

Low-stress cattle handling is an important part of the program at Hays Land & Cattle.  Leading industry expert, Dr. Tom Noffsinger, has assisted the Hays’ through hands-on seminars at the ranch, consulting on working facility layout, and tips for pasture etiquette.  They have found that improving cattle handling technique has lowered the stress and shortened the time of working cattle.  Ask the Hays’ for tips you can use in your own operation!


Hays Land & Cattle realizes that higher feed efficiency can help minimize the impact of high feed costs, pasture converted to row crop, and the rising land prices the beef industry is dealing with.  They began collecting individual feed intake measurements on their cattle in early 2009.  By evaluating the entire bull calf crop or heifer calf crop, individuals that perform well can be identified.  Ask Craig and Becky about their data if feed efficiency is a trait you want to improve.




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